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5 Reasons some girls are still single

Is really amazing how some girls don't struggle to get a man, men are always after them. While to some girls is like men are scarce they have to engage in spiritual warfare to get a man! What are the girls who have men all over them doing? We are going to be looking into that in this article.

1 Exposed

Most smart girls are very exposed; they are always on the move trying different things, going to different places, they know what is happening in town, they know places men will always be at certain day's and time. Good girl's are always in the house and church they think since they are good God will give them good men like is their right! While all the smart girls are out there taking all the good guy's and the good girl's are in the church or house praying to God for good husband, am not saying praying is bad but after praying go out and exposed yourself a man won't always come and knock at your door in the house you have to make yourself visible. Also most smart girls have friends that they hang out with from time to time and they share experience and knowledge together, the friends most good girl's have are just like them having the same issue with no experience and knowledge to share regarding relationship.

2 Experience

A lot of smart girls have experience a lot from different men so they now understand men and know how to play their card's, while good girl's will be criticising them they are busy learning the different tactics on how to handle a man that a lot of of good girl's don't know about. These smart girls can meet a guy for the first time and tell the kind of guy he is, all these smart girls knows how to get to a man's head and heart, they know what makes a man happy and they know how to do it well, have you not wonder why a very rough girl will end up with a very nice guy? And the good girl's end up with the wrong guy! They will say life is unfair, life is not unfair when you know the right thing to do and do it, most good girl's knows a little or nothing about men.

3 Dressing

A lot of good girl's dress really funny they believe when you dress in some fashion you are a sinner, they are so heavenly conscious that they dress so off their dressing is not always smart; they can't even combine color nicely, they don't even have nice outing clothes they just believe the right man will walk up to them in respective of how they look. The smart girls knows guys go for what they see men are attracted by what they see, so they put on their efforts to always look good, they have a style of dressing, so they take their time to make nice hair style, wear good perfume and put on make up while some good girl's are thinking make up is a sin, smart girls are using it to their advantage and is working for them because men find it hard to resist a beautiful woman, smart girls always take good care of themselves.

4 Social

Smart girls are social people there is no cold moment when you are with them, they know how to make a place colorful and make everywhere lively, most guy's love such girls. Most good girl's are not social even when they go out they are always on their own, they can't relate well with others, when a guy take them out they are so cold they believe if they keep calm and stay quiet they will be respected, am not saying staying quiet is bad but it should not be too much, loosen up a bit every now and then is not a crime.

5 Smile

No man wants to get home and see his wife or his girlfriend with a frowned face all the time, you can't tell when some good girl's are happy or sad because they don't smile it looks like the problem of the whole world is on their shoulders, they are always looking serious infact men are even scared to approach such ladies. While smart girls are always putting on smiles because they know the power of a beautiful smile it can change an atmosphere, and guys love girl's that smiles a lot and are always attracted to them.

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