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Opinion: 10 Celebrities who have songs named after them.

Musicians sometimes write song named after their idol or famous loved ones. Below are some celebrities who have song named after them.

In 2009, Lil Wayne released the song "Kobe Bryant," inspired by his basketball idol: Back in 2019 Kobe revealed in an interview with 'Genius' In quote " Wayne was like man that performance motivated me, I think it was like game six, I (Wayne) will do a song, is it okay, can I do a song, I was like right cool"

Drake released "Girls Love Beyoncé" in April 2013: In an interview with Ryan Seacrest Drake revealed in quote "I believe strongly in her talent and her position in our generation, I think she is one of the biggest star ever, but especially for these girls right now, I feel like they need Beyonce"

"Kevin's Heart," a play on Kevin Hart's name, is included on J. Cole's album "KOD." The comedian was tapped to appear in the music video, which was released back in 2018.

"Jackie Chan" is a 2018 song by Tiesto and Dzeko, featuring Post Malone and Prime: Tiesto told Zach sang show in 2018 in the quote, " we asked if he(Jackie Chan) liked it, he knows about it. I think Jackie Chan is such a legend that everybody knows him, so kicking it like Jackie Chan, it's more like a saying, a play on words"

Lil Durk also has a song named after West: "Kanye Krazy.": Lil Durk highlights Kanye's most memorable moment in his career in the song.

"Michael Jordan" is the sixth track on Kendrick Lamar's fourth mixtape, "Overly Dedicated.": The rapper compared rapping to playing basketball in an interview with 'Chelsea Handler' back in 2013. He revealed in the quote "I wanted to show that I'm competitive, before music I wanted to be Micheal Jordan, I have a lot of insight on hooping, whether you see it or not"

Logic released "Keanu Reeves" in 2019:The opening lyrics had an explicit reference to the star actor.

Rihanna is included in the title of The Wanted's song "Walk Like Rihanna.": The British Irish boy band out this song on its third studio album 'word of mouth'. He revealed in the quote "she said she was flattered and she thought it was really fun, which is what we wanted to do"

"Brad Pitt's Cousin" is on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's second studio album "This Unruly Mess I've Made.": The Seattle rapper playfully says that Brad Pitt is his cousin throughout the 2016 song.

Bryce Vine also has a song named after the "50 First Dates" actress: He revealed news station KTLA 5 about choosing the actress as inspiration in the quote "I used this example of what we are all looking for in a companion, she has this charm about her, which is kind of iconic, she just seems so sincere which is what I found attractive about her"

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