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Redeem Camp Kicked Us Out Because My Wife Wore Trousers - Man Narrates Ordeal With R.C.C.G

Nowadays, most churches are taking this religion of a thing too far. I'm saying this from experience because I have been harassed by a very popular church in Nigeria(I wouldn't mention the name) just because I looked good. Many pentecostal churches are on this table. If you Barb your hair as afro, it's a problem! If you put on nice sneakers to church, you would be tagged as wayward. If you wear a nice denim Jean jacket, it's a problem. If you keep full Beards(Beard Gang), it's a problem

There a clear difference between a wayward/ungodly style of dressing and a classic style of dress!

God isn't interested in your appearance but instead, he's interested in your heart!

Here is a story of how a Nigerian man and his wife were sent back home when they came to deliver Medical supplies just because his wife wore trousers.

After driving all the way from ikoyi to Lagos-Ibadan Express way for almost 2hrs with all the stress and serious traffic, they were kicked out of the camp simply because his wife wore trousers. The funniest part was that the delivery was for the good of the church.

Read the full story below:

Ever been condemned or harassed by a church because of your dressing?

Kindly share your experience in the comment section!

Also, what's your take on this?

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