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BBNaija isn't partial with selections: Meet all the contestants and see why I said so

As we all know now that the BBNaija has started and it's the season 5 of it.

The BBNaija season five started yesterday and it has been fun from them till now. As it is,in the BBNaija season five,we have twenty contestants. Big brother isn't partial about the selection. There are ten females and 10 males in the house.

There are quite some personalities in the house and it ranges from different states, culture, professions and different status.

In the house,we have a single mother. Apart from her the rest are single doesn't mean they are not engaged before entering BBNaija. But we have the record that they are not married.

We have different age grades. The highest been thirty five. And the youngest being 22. BBNaija isn't partial with selections at all. All the contestants are carefully selected. Different age, different states and same number of male to female contestants.

Here are their pictures and their profiles.

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