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25 Quotes Of Inspiration And Motivation

Your life is everything you feel and your thoughts make you feel! Is an example of Quotes you are about to read to inspire and motivate you......[1] Just turn off everything..Your TV and mobile and close your eyes...feel life![2] People do change with each moment but, memories always remain the same!.[3] You can make a thought negative or positive..It's all in your mind![4] Happiness should not be your journey, but your end destination, agree?[5] Life is truly short to worry about things, So laugh as much as you can. Don't regret anything in life, Don't take stress for small things .Just live the moment and enjoy ,That is the true essence of life!.

[6] Difficulties are part of life, They will come in every way, But what counts is your outcome .You have your say, To fight it all and win, And to have the most amazing life. After all your struggle and strive! That is the way to life!.[7] You are confident in your ways, And you have the will ,So don't hold back on things you can do, Just go ahead for that kill, Because that will take you far ahead in life. Because that will give you a reason to strive, Have that will![8] After every darkness in life, There comes light, which shines so bright .If there is darkness in your life, Wait to for sunlight to come .Don't feel let down in life, Your good phase is just about to begin, So have that will to hold, And carry on with your ways!.

[9] Each day is like a chance to do something bright .To get a way for you to get it right, Each day holds new things you want to see, Each day has a power to give you glee, So make the most of your time, Every day and all the while!Make your day count my friend![10] Past is gone, so don't think about it ,Its your way to live in the present, So smile and live for the moment. And you make new plans for future, Each day that you count will be new, Only for you and only by you!

[11] The more you dream big in life, The more you will be able to strive .For dreaming will take you one step ahead, To achieve everything you want, Dream big in life, So that you can get what you want![12] Hard work always beats the talent in life...only if talent does not work hard enough to strive.[13] When caterpillar thought it was its end..It turned into a pretty butterfly... [14] I will strive hard to get where I want...and take everything written in my destiny..I am strong.[15] Always hope for the best in life...prepare for the worst and think about the good, That is life.

[16] Don't go for the less in your what you love and always do the best in life![17] Don't compare yourself to are unique and you will always stay unique your way.[18] You don't have to wait for love..You just have to enjoy the feeling of love around you.[19] If you are not making mistakes..Then you are not trying or learning new things..Make mistakes in life![20] Life may not be the same you wished for...but at least you have a good life..You are living.

[21] Everything that starts has an end to it...don't stick to things that have no end..Life is all about moving on.[22] People change with situations and time, but life is all about letting go...let go and don't hold back on things.[23] Train your mind, in such a way that you see good in every situation of life. Think positive![24] If you ever feel like giving up in life..Take a moment and think what made you hold on for so long in life.[25] Be kind and speak your heart every time...don't keep regrets and grudges over's not worth it.kindly share these post with friends on social media.God bless you....

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