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10 People who are gaining popularity on social media by looking exactly like a famous person.

The fact is, except you have a twin, your face is your own very unique feature that people identify you with. Have you ever been walking on the street and you thought you saw your friend, then you smile and wave at the person but the person looks at you confused and doesn't wave back because as it turns out, the person is not your friend, well it has most definitely happened to me a couple of times. 

There is a myth by folklore that has recently been backed up by biologists and sociologists. The result of a study carried by the University of Adelaide in the UK, where four thousand individuals were analyzed for their facial features and 8 distinct features were analyzed and permutated against each other to determine the probability of having people who are unrelated but will look 100 percent identical. They drew the conclusion that the chances of having a lookalike is 1 in 1 trillion. This means that it is possible to have a perfect look alike, but the probability of meeting one on the street yourself is highly unlikely, although the chances of having a person with slightly different features as you so you look identical is higher, and the reason why it is easier to spot people who look like celebrities is because they are famous and a lot of people know their faces and can easily spot the similarities and splash it all over social media. If you are given the chance to meet people who look almost exactly like you, would you like to meet them? I know i would, I've always wanted a twin sister, so I would be totally thrilled.

The first person on my list is my favorite musician of all time, Ed Sheeran.

1. Ed Sheeran and Tyler

Can you believe that this is not Ed Sheeran? Like how is this not Ed Sheeran? This is beyond mind blowing.

Some of you might think, why she showing us a random instagram post with Ed Sheeran's face on it, I know a lot of you have encountered a lot of dubious posts and that has made you a little skeptical of some news, but these pictures a one hundred percent legit. Check this out! A picture of the two of them together! I honestly can't tell who is who.2. Katy Perry and her group of lookalikes- The first of Katy Perry's lookalike i came across was Zoey Deschanel, because she's also fairly famous, it wasn't until a while ago that I knew she has a mirage of lookalikes, her case made people to tell her that her dad has a lot of questions to answer because the resemblance between her and these women are just too uncanny and unsettling. Here is Katy on the left and Zoe on the right, but honestly, Zoe doesn't look as much as Katy Perry as Francesca Brown. Check out Francesca Brown also sporting a brunette bang. Wow!Now I could go on and on with individual pictures of them, but that could go on forever, so a photogrid would serve us better here. Could you have been able to recognise Katy without the labels? Yeah me neither.

3. Selena Gomez and SofiaThe Nickelodeon queen and musician has been a celebrity loved by a huge number of followers, there was a time she usually got the highest amount of likes on all her posts because people just couldn't get enough of her posts. As it turns out, there is one other lady she shares her unique facial features with, Selena's fame has allowed Sofia to gain enough popularity as to be verified on Instagram, much like how Ariana Grande helped Paige Newman along in her modelling career, it's good fortune to look like a celebrity it seems. Check it out.

4. Taylor swift and April GloriaApril seems to also have gained fame from her resemblance with Taylor.

This is Taylor swift in case you can't tell them apart.

5. Ryan Gosling and Joe Laschet

6. Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garey- Janice is a body builder from Houston, Texas. Her picture went viral when one of her selfies landed on the explore page on Instagram making people to debate whether Jennifer Lopez has started body building or not.

Do you think they really look identical?

7. Emma Watson and 'Megan Flockhart' on Instagram- The pretty famous 'Harry Potter' and 'beauty and the beast' actress Emma Watson seems to also have a girl around her age with pretty similar facial features with her unique sharp features, thin one sided smile and high cheekbones. Megan who also seems to be a huge fan of Harry Potter took a picture with the school uniform and a caption that depicted her location to be in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.Here is another picture of Megan

Now compare and contrast with that of Emma Watson

Do you see the resemblance?

8. Kim Kardashian and Camilla Osman- Camila who seems to also have the 'I don't care about what people think' attitude like Kim, posted that people were always trying to insult her by calling her 'Walmart Kim Kardashian', and she usually laughs it off, and tells the person 'Wow, that is a brilliant comment' she also stated that although she's embracing the fact that she looks like Kim, she also just wants to be herself. The two ladies took a picture and it looks as if Kim is enjoying the fact that she has a look alike out there. Here is a picture of Camilla below.

9. Lady Gaga and Amethyst- An Instagram user with the name Amethyst has been said to look very similar to Lady Gaga and she posted that if Lady Gaga ever needs to use a stunt double in a movie, or needs someone to play a younger version of herself in a movie, she will be waiting and available.

10. The last person on my list will be Ariana Grande and Paige Newman- These are actually my favourite look alike duo, probably because I could never tell them apart even if I tried or because they are both just so cute. Paige has seen a boost in her modelling career ever since she was discovered to look like Ariana with 6.7 million people following her on Instagram, and brands starting to use her to market their products, if Ariana doesn't find a problem with it as she did when the brand 'forever 21' used a model that looks like her to market their brand and she endedup suing them, then Paige could eventually really go far and reach the pinnacle of her modelling career. Lets wait and see.

And that's a wrap for all the lookalikes duos for now. Do you think they all look alike? Did you find this article interesting and worth sharing to your friends? Don't hesitate to click the follow, like and share button for more interesting articles like this.

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