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Top 3 Most Adorable Disney Couples

In the history of heroes and heroines, Disney happens to give us a consolidated scheme of that. The Disneyland is entirely filled with adorable couples who some times don't really like each other, but suddenly draws affection to one other through the situation they encounter. In this article, you'll be seeing top 3 most adorable Disney couples.

#3. Cinderella and prince charming

The character Cinderella is one of Disney's most prolific and commendable character ever created. Cinderella and her prince charming ranks as #3 most adorable couples in Disneyland. They are always committed to their discussion and they never lose trust on each other. Aside that, this couple really look cute and adorable together.

#2. Queen Anna and Kristoff

Anna the sister of Queen Elsa is an immaculate character that tells a story of a young fearless girl who would do anything for the sake of her kingdom and sister. Anna was recently crowned queen of arendelle (Frozen 2). Queen Anna and Kristoff ranks as #2 most adorable couples in Disneyland. They were two normal individual who were fighting for a great course, but fell in love with each other as they spend time with each other.

#1. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine ranks as #1 most adorable couples in Disneyland. Aladdin who was a thief found love at first sight towards princess Jasmine when he helped her escape the town from an angry trader.

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