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Pregnancy period

Here are different types of women you will meet, when they are pregnant(photos).

Women are the most amazing creatures on the planet earth when they become pregnant is a whole total new level of operation, you see then manifesting different types of character.

When a woman is pregnant just like her body is beginning to change everything about her beginning to change as a well, what she eats, how she reacts to things becomes totally different.

They are women when they are pregnant they begin to nag something they were not doing before, but is really not their fault they can't control it that's why.

Whenever you are with a pregnant woman you seriously need to be patient with her no matter what happens, trying to be by their side all the time, give them whatever they crave to eat but ensure is not harmful to the baby and the mother.

Some pregnant woman might even want to isolate themselves from people so many characters are demonstrated them. 

Here are few more through photos.

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