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See Why Spiderman Can Defeat Thanos

This article is based on the Marvel characters Spider-man and Thanos, given Spider-man's power level and Thanos's power level, we know that if they get into a fight, Spider-man might be more agile than Thanos, but Thanos is quite faster and immensely stronger than him and will surely defeat Spider-man with his raw physical strength.

The question is can Spider-man defeat Thanos?

Let's find out how.

Meet Cosmic Spider-man

There was a time when Spider-man was chosen to be the host of the Uni-power and became Cosmic Spider-man, he was imbued with immense strength, speed, durability and the power to transmute matter on a molecular level, with such a power, Thanos will not stand a chance and even if Thanos wields the infinity stones.

What are the powers and abilities of Spider-man when he was transformed into Cosmic Spider-man.

1. Immense superhuman strength, speed, durability and agility.

2. Matter transmutation.

3. Flight.

4. Telekinesis.

5. Energy blasts

6. Time travel.

Who is Thanos?

He is the last surviving alien from the planet Titan, he is known as one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

What are the powers and abilities of Thanos with the infinity stones.

1. Incalculable strength.

2. Enhanced speed, durability and agility.

3. Time travel.

4. Power to change or control reality.

5. Inter dimensional travel.

This is how Spider-man will defeat Thanos.

With the power analysis and statistics of both characters, Thanos (with the infinity stones) and Spider-man (with Cosmic powers) are evenly matched.

Strength, speed, agility

Like for example they are both very strong, agile and fast.

Power levels

The powers of Captain Universe is inside of Spider-man and cannot be stripped away by any force, while Thanos wears the infinity stones like a glove in his hands, which means that without the infinity stones, Thanos will be easy defeated.

Spider-man with the powers of Captain Universe has a very dangerous and complex ability, and that is the ability to transmute matter, which means that Spider-man with this power can transform Thanos hands into air or water, and once that is done Thanos will no longer have the powers of the infinity stones, and Spider-man will wear the infinity stones and erase Thanos from existence.

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