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Check out pictures of a boy that looks exactly like Drake's son Adonis

A picture was making waves on twitter, it showed a photo grid of a boy on the left and the Drake's son Adonis on the right, now a lot of people were insisting that those are one and the same people in the picture and they couldn't believe that it was not Drake's son in both pictures, to be honest, I was part of the people doubting the legitimacy of the picture until the father of the kid posted another picture of him and his son. Some doubting Thomas were still saying that he went to a party and begged them to let him take a picture with him and Drake's son, but of course that is rather on the extreme and ridiculous part. 

The two kids seem to have completely similar facial characteristics right to their facial expression.

The most amazing part of this gist is the fact that the mother of these babies also share some distinct similarities, check the pictures below. 

Drake's baby mama Sophie Brussaux is on the picture on the right, it's really cool because they both seem to have the same bone structure and the same smile.

People were also hinting that it was possible that Drake could be the baby daddy, however and whatever the truth maybe, this is proof that dopplegangers really exist and the theory that there are 6 people in the world who looks exactly like us might just be true, cool huh?.

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