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"This life no balance"- Checkout the N6m bag this man bought for his 2 years old daughter

While you are hustling to make ends meet, get a job, get a loan, pay for your house rent, put food on your table or basically trying to manage your life, others are somewhere either throwing big parties, spending exorbitant amount in clubs or buying really expensive things that they apparently do not need. 

Some of these are not acquired because of the necessity of it but most times for show off. Sometimes the people who flaunt their wealth are actually the ones with less money in the bank. 

Parents of the 2 years old girl, Kulture

This popular celebrity CardiB's husband, Offsetyrn took to his Instagram account to showoff himself and his daughter, Kulture unwrapping a toddler-sized version of the supremely coveted designer bag. 

HHe bought a Herne bag that sell for $16,780 for his 2 years old daughter. Whether it was for clout, we don't know yet. 

But shortly after posting the video, some of their fans starters criticising them for gifting their young daughter a luxe bag that costs thousands of dollars. But Cardi was quick to defend the decision.

What will a 2 years old girl do with a bag that is obviously bigger than her. Like we said earlier, we don't know if it is to chase clout or that later her mum will start using the bag. Whichever way it is, truly this life no balance. 

We all need to have money to afford every luxury we want. 

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Cardi Offsetyrn


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