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See what Quarantine Has Turned Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn into in 2020

Hi everybody! In today's article we would take a look at the cast of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. Lets start with the most quite one of them all Nicky!

Aidan Gallagher, aka Nicky Harper

He has changed a lot in 6 years. He looks very handsome what is more exciting is that Nicky is regularly in touch with his fans throughout the quarantine. As for acting you can watch him on Netflix series called the Umbrella Academy. More to his acting he is also a singer and a songwriter, his new single is titled for the July. Fun fact! He was guesting on CNN live discussing climate changes.

Our next titled character is Played by Casey Simpson.

Casey Simpson, aka Ricky Harper (age 16 now)

The change in this star over the years is huge and he also looks great. He is also musically talented. His fans can also watch him on the TV series Just add Magic Mystery city, and in the movie to the beat back to school. We all know this guys started acting at a very young age right? So check out i found! 3 year old Casey on his first role in acting.

Now lets shortly check out the parents before we continue. Firstly funny and happy Anne Harper played by:

Allison Munn, aka Anne Harper (age 45 now)

Her face is glowing so she most definitely be happy. In any case she hasn't change much still the beautiful quad mum we used to know from the show. And below is a picture of her with her real family: Allison is now starring in the Netflix comedy series the big show, alongside the professional wrestling star we all know as the Big Show.

And now lets check out the head of the family Tom Harper:

Brian Stepanek, aka Tom Harper (age 49 now)

He also just looks the same he hasn't change that much. Here he is in a photo with his wife they have 3 kids. Brian is quite a busy actor and he is in a bunch of different stuff. You might have seen him on the TV show young shoulder, or probably heard him the voice of dad in the loud house TV show. He is also a popular actor among the Disney fans as he has starred in the sweet life of Zack and Cody TV show.

Next we have the coolest and carefree of the quad Dicky! Played by:

Mace Coronel, aka Dicky (age 16 now)

The changes in him is big! The haircut is very similar though. As for his acting career! Since the show ended Mace has starred in 7 episodes of the series Zoey Valentine together with his Nick co-star Diego Velasquiez aka Billy Thunderman. Now for the fun fact: In 2014 he starred in a huge TV commercial.

Okay next goes Kyla Drew better known as Mae

Kyla Drew, aka Mae (age 16 now)

Known as Dawn's best friend Mae she has also grown up a lot. Notice that she changed her hairstyle anyway she looks very cool. Whats interesting about Kyla is that she is a great dancer and she loves TikTok. Now a few words about her acting career; Kyla is a regular cast in the web series Crown leg. She also have a recurring character in the TV series no good nick.

And lastly the oldest quad by 4 seconds.

Lizzy Greene, aka Dawn (age 17 now)

It's no surprise that Lizzy looks very beautiful now, but still there aren't any much changes in her look she is just way more matured now. She is still starring in the 3rd season of the TV show '' a million little things''. Like most of her TV quad did Lizzy also stayed in touch with her fans throughout the quarantine. What we have learned about her this time is that she is really in to arts, and mastering her drawing skills throughout the quarantine.

Who do you find to have really changed a lot among this casts? Let us know in the comment section below. Kindly follow up, share to your friends, and make sure to check us out everyday for more Nickelodeon gist. Thanks and bye for now.

Content created and supplied by: Ikara-lodestar (via Opera News )

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