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COVID-19, I want to be locked down with Someone's Son - A lady say

A lady identified as LOML" as posted trough her twitter handling stating that she want to be locked down with someone's son. She can't do this alone anymore. The reason why she was saying this is because the recent happen that is happening around us due to the virus called COVID-19 where government direct and instruct individual to stay at home and shouldn't go to anywhere until the virus is eradicated in the society. Being locked down is greeting bored so she say she need to get lockdown by someone who they we be enjoying themselves

It is very pathetic that most of individual find it difficult to live comfortable due to the virus that is circulating around the world. Whereby some people need to keep themselves together so that they won't feel bored and tired of it

Thos os her post through her twitter page

I want to be locked down with someone's son. I can't do this anymore

Mere looking at her she was a responsible lady that is looking for someone to have fun with in this period of isolation

What is you opinion?

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