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Laugh Out Loud Jokes and Memes

Crack you ribs jokes

1) Money is like HIV in Nigeria,just ask anybody they will say:

I don't have oo 😅

2) I was in an airplane traveling to USA

When the 2 pilot started fighting... 

I just came down & entered TAXI 🚕

I hate nonsense 😂

3) I said it and I will keep saying it 

No native doctor can break the Blood Covenant between Suya & Newspaper 

Oya come and argue 😸

4) police: Mr Amoah, we're here to investigate the source of your wealth 

Mr Amoah: When I was poor, did you investigate the source of my poverty ?? 😏

5) My mom asked my 'Girlfriend' if she can cook, then she smiled and replied, "Mommy I cooked the tea we drunk at home this morning"

Everybody is now fainting, Infact lemme post this b4 I join dem 😂

6) IT is only in Nigeria that someone will go for a naming ceremony... Eat,drink and leave without knowing the name of the child 😋

8) Just because of one fine usher girl that's why you gave all your money in the offering box, now you are looking for a lift. 

Bro, can't u see the devil is using your sense to dance Wo! by Olamide

9) Girls name on Facebook 

American girl: "Adriana Cole"

Japanese girl: "Natasha jin sung"

.Nigerian girl: "Itz Dah Sexy Pweedy Curvy ass Chocolate Slay_Queen is a bae Emprezz"

Sister are u OK? 😼

10) Never allow your husband to pray silently, the idiot might be asking God for a new girlfriend 😂

Don't eat pepper while reading oo

A Wife took her very ill husband to see a doctor.

After the medical routine check-up.... the Doctor

confidentially told the wife: ...... Give him healthy breakfast daily, be pleasant & in good mood, don't fight.. Cook tasty dinner & don't discuss your problems with him. Stop watching TV shows & facebook. Don't demand for money or new jewels. If u can do this for one year, your husband will be ok.

On their way home.,

Husband asks wife: What did doctor say..?

Wife: your survival is not possible! 🤣🤣



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