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Meet the exceptionally beautiful twin sisters whom have gone viral for looking like real-life dolls

Meet the 22 year old GS twins, short for ‘Gülcan and Sahinur Twins’.

They both share April 30th as their birthday. 

These set of twins are naturally beautiful and love to dress in similiar clothing. They also happen to be major influencers and fashionistas.

They first gained recognition as far back as 2015 when a picture of them posted on Instagram went viral.

And since then, their Instagram fanbase has majorly increased.

They also have a huge presence on Snapchat, where they use the same handle as that of their Instagram page.

One of the things that draws fans closer to them is their emphasis on loving yourself and being more mindful of what you believe in than what others think of you.

They also advise their fans to be confident and radiant.

Here are some few quick facts about them:

1. They were born in Germany and are 24 years of age.

2. They are identical twins and models by the name GS (short for their individual names Gülcan and Sahinur)

3. They have an older brother whom they love to take pictures with

4. They have a whooping 2 million followers on instagram.

Not a surprise with how pretty they are.

5. They are models/ambassadors for fashionova (an international clothing brand)

6. Their mum is just as beautiful as they are and they love taking pictures with her and talk about her.

7. In answer to the question "what are your best memories" one of them replied their best memories are the ones they make when they spend time together.

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