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How becoming a reverend father can make a last born to be respected more than a first born

The first born in every home are respected more than every other child. Though it may be different in some parts of Africa due to the difference in cultures.

In our part of Africa first born are taken as the next to the parent according to the gender.

A first son can be taken as the next to his father while a first daughter the next to her mother.

While a first born start out earlier in life before the other children, mostly in a poor home, it is said that be a first born is not easy, especially being a first son.

Handling home issues while battling with stress from the hectic world, that's the agony of the first born so many people don't know.

Show of maturity and experiences which makes first born taken serious can add to what make them to be respected both at home and at work.

How a last born get respected more than a first born by becoming a reverend father

It is not about disputing two respects in order to favour the last born, it is about how becoming a reverend father can make the last born, equally anybody, highly respected both at home and around the Christian community.

Observing a reverend father, you could notice that even his own father could kneel down for him as he blesses him and sprinkle holy water on him, something a first born cannot get from the father.

The fact is that the moment a clergy become a reverend father he automatically become a father not only in the church, but around the Christian communities and equally his family.

Everyone now call him "Father" and most people run to him for guidance and other kind of assistance.

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