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Video: Ungrateful Man Created A Scene When He Tried To Compel A Man To Give Him More Money

This article featured a young man who was begging another man for money in a motor park because he was hungry. But after getting some money from the kind-hearted man, he kept demanding for more from the same man. Read through to the end and watch the video to see how it became a scene.

An ungrateful young man was captured in a new video shared online recently, as he went begging for money to eat in a certain motor park.

He confronted a kind-hearted individual and asked him for money because he was very hungry. The kind-hearted individual gave him the sum of 100 naira in order to find something to eat. But this young man appeared to be ungrateful as he demanded for more.

The kind-hearted man collected the hundred naira and gave him 200 naira. But this young man is still ungrateful as he demandeded for an additional 400 naira.

The kind-hearted man asked him to go and look for it somewhere else because that's all he can afford. The young man became annoyed and return back the 200 naira to the kind-hearted man, saying he no longer needed it since the man refused to add an additional 400.

But when the kind-hearted man collected his money and attempted to walk away, the young beggar approached him and asked him to give him back the 200 naira. The man simply refused as a pocket his money back.

The young beggar began to cry as he hijack the man on his shirt, asking him to give him back the 200 naira he collected from him.

This act quickly attracted the attention of people who came to settle the situation. The young beggar continue to shout and cry, while the other man refused to give him back the money.

People who came to intervene, begged the kind hearted man to give him back the money, but the man simply refused. They kept on dragging the situation before the video ended

Tap to watch the video below to see how it all started.

Questions: how will you proceed to settle this situation assuming you were there?

- How will you react if you were the kind-hearted man?

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