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3 Easy Hints to Grow More Followers As An Opera Hub Creator.

As we all know Opera is one of the best online media platform that pays creators for writing articles. Now adays, e no dey easy to attract audience or many followers as before due to upgrading and changes in the platforms as such growing follower na problem now.

Anyway, I will lay down some few tricks I have observe so far. The main trick to attract more followers on the platform is just by writing engaging articles that are entertaining, informative or both but as tinz dey nw e no dey easy again like before.

Below are three major tips to grow more followers on the platform:

- Write more of engaging articles:

Base on the settings that no man is perfect struggle make sure say your contents dey engaging and will be of value to your audience before you click on the submit button. If your content is entertaining, informative, with proper context and emotion, you are more likely to engage your audience.

- Choose at least two or one category to write on:

As a creator, you choose a particular category to write articles on at least the more consistent the account, the more your articles go dey recommended for more users.

- Have a regular time to post.

In this aspect, observe when you have more reach and clicks, then you will be able to analyse when to post your articles to attract more clicks as well as followers.

In conclusion, when you don't write your article finish, make sure you guide you readers to like, comment and share your post in other to improve your account. So I think this small tin I tell u go fit put am into practise then see how tons go change give you. Remember no man is perfect. So no go kill your self o.

Thanks for Reading.

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