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See 8 photos that proves photographers and there skills deserves some accolade.

Photography is a blessing to human being.

Through photography we can see how memories have been kept alive for decades, generations and many more,l.

Today photography is more than what it just seems. In our today photographs we can see that it is not just about capturing moments but we can see that there us more into the craft.

A good photography requires alot of logic reasoning, time, energy, money too. We only see how beautiful and creative photographs are but we dont know the things that happened behind the scene.

Here are some great amazing pictures from one very good photographer in Nigeria Amazing_klef, in his photos below we will be able to see some behind the scene ideas and there outcome.


1. Behind the scene: we can see the girl posing and a guy quickly threw a doughnut shape balloon.

Here is the product of such creativity.

2. Behind the scene: the guy is holding bunch of card, with a perfect timing he threw them to the air, see the outcome below.

Mad right?

3. Behind the scene: here we can see two guys holding the silver veil on the girls head, see product below.


4. Behind the scene: this one is mad, the photographer snapped the guys head then snapped his face through a board, and made a mad combo.

Here is the result from those picture combo.


5. Behind the scene: in this photo, you can see some guys holding a net and a smoke behind the vixen taking shots.

This is sick mhen.

6. Behind the scene: here a guy is holding a paper board that is set on fire in between the photographer and the vixen.

And boom.

7. Behind the scene: here you can see the guy holding a mirror to reflect his face. See the magic below.

And magic result.

8. Behind the scene: here we can see two hands throwing some rose flower and the vixen posing with her umbrella with cute smile.

And booom

Going through this article, you can see that photographers this days have taking it to another level, from behind the scene ideas to the photo editing ideas.

With this article, i think photographers deserve some accolades.

Drop you thought below.

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