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Do These 3 Things and See How Amazing Your Life Will Be

Someone who wishes to succeed easily must look for smart ways to do so. Even the bible says wisdom is the principal thing. That's why some people find it easy and others have to work very hard to attain it. Keep doing these 3 things regularly and watch the results amaze you.

▪︎ Always start with God and end with God.

The bible says unless God be with them, they that build build in vain. Tell all your plans to Jesus, ask him if you can go ahead with them, commit them to Him and be rest assured that anything in God's hand cannot go bad. If you do this, you will notice that things that should naturally be difficult will be easy for you.

▪︎ Harness the power of prophetic declarations and positive thinking.

This can never be overestimated. The bible says whatever a man thinketh in his heart so is he. If you see yourself as a super star, and you work towards it, it will happen.

The tongue is a very powerful muscle capable of making or marring a person. Be your own prophet. Face your mirror and speak to your reflection, tell it Adehesther, you are an employer of labour, you are great, you can never be poor e.t.c.and see those words coming to pass eventually. Desist from saying negative things to yourself, this will not help you in any way.

When people call you names like chairman, queen, olowo (wealthy person), madam, oga e.t.c don't argue with them, answer them, you dont know if they are your prophets.

▪︎ Always help people and bever stop helping.

Do not help people with the hope of getting something back. Do it because no one knows what tomorrow has in store. If you can't help with money, visit the person, show that you care. Trust me, it will pay you when you least expect it.

Do not look down on anybody because you do not know their story. That it was easy for you doesnt mean, it's the same for other people. Have it in mind that not everyone is poor because they are lazy,some just happened to find themselves in that situation.

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