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Hilarious Disney cake fails that will make you wonder who made them

Disney is a huge multinational company that was founded by the Disney brothers in 1923. The company have released a lot successful movies and cartoons that appeals to both children and adults.

A lot of Disney characters that made way into the hearts of fans are used to make birthday cakes for them.

But how would you feel if your favorite Disney character was made to look not like your favorite Disney character?

Here are some hilarious Disney cake fails.

Expectation vs reality. Why did the cake designer do Elsa like this lol

Omg look at Tinkerbell's long and sprawly legs

I think whoever did this Tinkerbell's cake did this under 60 seconds

Okay what is this?

I think this was done by a 6 year old

Are those noodles on this Rapunzel cake?

Ah... Expectation vs reality...

I'm sure if Minnie mouse looked anything like this children would be scared of watching it.

Hannah Montana is looking different here.

They made Ariel look like a dog here

Whoever did this made Cinderella look like a goat

Buzzkill? More like Bugkill because he's looking like a roach here

Okay. This has got to be the worst cake design in the history cake designs. I can tell whoever did this didn't put in any effort lol

The Disney princesses doesn't look happy with how this cake turned out lol

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