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Checkout The Disadvantages Of Photoshoot

Looking at the current situation in Nigeria, photography is one of the most earning skill set, most particularly when it comes to the aspect of photoshooting.

For people who doesn't have the knowledge of what photoshoot means. photoshoot is an occasion when a photographer takes pictures, especially of models or famous people, to be used in a newspaper or magazine.

But viewing the current situation, photoshoot is not limited to any one's level right now, even if you are not a celebrities or model.

The time for a photo shoot varies but these are the general guidelines: a Standard Photo shoot is about (60) minutes; a Hybrid Fusion shoot is about (1.5) hours; and a Full Fusion shoot is (2-3) hours.

Apart from the fact that Photoshop takes a lot of time, it also consumes a lot of cash base on the quantity and quality of the pictures you took.

Now, coming to the main disadvantage of photoshooting. Photoshop helps to bring hope high when it comes to level of beautification and which has cause a problem when it comes to relationship. Many get excited when they say a photoshoot posted on social media platforms because all this pictures look amazing and ga attracted some attention.

These attention have made some people mostly fell in love with a total stranger and when they made some approach to totally come together in relationship they saw different images of each because photoshoot have enhanced such person images compare to his or her natural appearance.

Don't get me wrong, am not saying photoshoot is good or bad, but everything good also have side effects.

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