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This college student loves mermaids so much so he did this

Hi guys it's hard to find a person without a hobby almost everyone has one whether it's watching TV, collecting rare items, or addicted to a particular sport. Sometimes this hobbies can grow into a lifestyle and sometimes, and sometimes turns into a real obsession. People spend incredible amount of money on them, isolate themselves from the outside world and change their life completely. Today I will tell you how an innocent hubby can turn into something much more bigger let's get it on.

Christian Riel

Since childhood the mermaid princess has been the favorite fictional character of Christian Riele. With age the passion for the famous Disney character did not go away, and the college student firmly decided to try and transform into his idol. He has to spend a lot of money to do this though, it cost him almost $1500. To become a little merman he simply put a tailor made tail on.

This was an after shock to the public, people had a different reaction to a merman swimming near the Florida coast. from condemnation to delight. He says he feel comfortable and natural in this image. Here are some photos of Christian Riel before the act, and in the act.image.

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