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Opinion: What can you say about this particular picture?

I was browsing through on Twitter before I came across this picture above. This picture depicts a typical love triangle, the man is already in a relationship with one lady and yet has ties with another woman outside his relationship. A love triangle usually refers to two people who compete against each other for the undivided romantic attention of a single love interest.

As you can see above, This picture shows that the three of them are all linked together romantically, the other woman outside the box holding a rose pines for this man, it seems she cares for him so deeply that she can't have him, and he on the other hand has a lady who is kissing him so deeply while he is holding her close and yet holds hand with the woman outside of the relationship.

I personally think a romantic relationship involving three people can be very messy and harmful, as there is always a case of jealousy and unrequited love. The woman outside the box is in the man's life as can be seen with her holding his hand and with that rose she is holding shows that she has deep love and fondness for the man. The man it seems is in love with two persons at the time, but I think this is a case of indecision, he is involved with one woman and yet wants another.

The person in this picture that I think deserves pity the most is the woman outside the box, my own humble advice to her is that she moves on with her life and find herself another man who will love and care for her as she should be loved, so that she will stop focusing all her attention on her love who obviously belongs to some else when she deserves so much more. It may not be easy, but she will save herself a lot of heartbreak and pain.

So what can you say about this particular picture above?

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