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What People Refused To See In the August Alsina And Jada's Saga

In our quest for justice, freedom of speech and a good mental health, media platforms are taken advantage of and making us more inhumane than the original intention of protecting the poor and the defenseless.

We take from the rich and give to the poor instead of create for the poor, We pay less attention to the boy child and shine all the spotlight on the girl child instead of make them both important, we fight for the blacks against the whites instead of educating the blacks. Somehow, someone must be blamed for the poor, the girl child or the blacks being killed, but the focus should not be the blame, but the enlightenment missing in the narrative.

August Alsina had a relationship with Jada Smith which was consensual in nature and which he opted out of willingly, but Jada is being blamed for promiscuity because she was in a marriage with Will Smith at the time despite a separation between the couple. 

Two consenting adults agreed to a relationship and one of the adults going bitter and taunting of the other party's image is seditious and liable to be addressed by law.

August as gone as far as releasing songs about the relationship and granting interviews all in the name of getting the toxic feeling it left him out of his system and cashing out on the songs released at the same time at the detriment of the other party.

His action is wrong and ought to be addressed, the world cannot continue in the circle of evil and greed. If he says he has nothing but love for the Smith family, then, his actions portrays otherwise.

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