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Great Lessons To Learn From Songs Of Solomon In The Bible

The Song of Solomon or Songs is one of the poetic books in the Bible that talks about two people in love and oppositions they face from family. The book contains thoughts and conversations between Solomon and his bride,with lines from her friends and then family members(brothers).

Over the years Christians neglect teaching from the book,tagging it erotic. Some even wonder why it was included in the Christian's Bible. But in this article we are going to look at some lessons from this great book.

1) In Chapter 2:4 the young woman says Solomon's love is a banner over her. Theologians believe the book portrays God's love for his people, therefore we say Yahweh Nissi( God Our Banner). He is always watching over us,so no harm can come upon us. This is indeed a great show of love from the Creator.

2) We live in a perverse generation and fornication is accepted even in some churches. But in chapter 2:7 the young lover charges and admonishes her friends and youths of this generation to wait and not to awaken love until the time is right.

3) Money, beauty and deceit have choked the life out of true love in this generation. Many people in relationships don't even know the true definition of love, but in chapter 8:6 the young lady in love describes love to be as strong as death. It burns like blazing fire many waters cannot quench it nor can it be bought with all the riches in the World.

4) In chapter 8 verses 8 and 9 features the bride's brothers who complain about their little sister's love affair. Their worries teaches us on how to protect and inform young people about the dangers of love and keeping themselves pure for marriage.

5) Finally we get to understand that nothing in this world can conquer true love. And waiting for till after marriage is the greatest decision you can take as a believer.

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