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4 Rappers Who Bought Lavish Gifts For Their Woman On Mother's Day Celebration

One thing about rappers is that when they want to give a gift, they go all out. Especially when it is Mother's Day. They may not show up everyday to visit the kid(s) or attend PTA meetings, but they appreciate their baby mothers more than anything. Yesterday was Mother's Day in America and we saw men showing appreciation to their wives and girlfriends. Some women posted their gifts, while some didn't. Some Baby Mother's got a sweet text message while some got a sweet text and expensive gifts. Some of the rappers who got really expensive gifts for their wives and girlfriends are:-

1. Offset

We see Offset appreciating Cardi everyday, be it Valentine's, Christmas, or her birthday. But on this day set aside for mothers, he decided to appreciate her more by filling up the house with large boxes of flowers and got her one of her favorite things in the world. A Hermes Birkin, that's right.

Offset knows how much Cardi loves a Birkin bag so he added the Bright Orange one to her collection.

2. Travis Scott

Travis never misses a chance to celebrate his Kylie. On her birthday, Stormi's birthday, Valentine's, he is always looking for a way to thank Kylie for giving him Stormi.

And what's a more perfect day to do just that than Mother's Day. An Insta post didn't do the job Travis wanted so he sent Kylie a big Chanel trunk containing four cute pink Chanel bags in it.

3. Polo G Capalot

Polo might not speak so much about his relationship but we know he don't play about his baby mama, Crystal. Polo G decided to celebrate his baby mama over a Sunday brunch in a fine restaurant.

He brought the gifts along with him which includes a custom made Cuban chain from Jewelry Unlimited, with Crystal and Tremani's(son) photo embedded in the pendant, boxes of custom pink and white flowers, designer purses and so many more.

4. Lil Baby

Lil Baby always look forward to each holiday where he gets to spoil his 2nd baby mama and ex girlfriend (whom he clearly still loves), Jayda Cheaves. He is the typical example of a man who derives joy in spoiling his woman. On Jayda's last birthday, he threw her two big parties in a big club and got her a custom pink'Wayda' Jeep. For Christmas, he bought her Two Hermes Birkins, Black and Red, Jewelries and Designer purses. And for Mother's Day he stepped up his game.

Baby got Jayda Two Hermes Birkin and Two Hermes Kelly bags, in color Blue, White and Purple in two shades. A pretty designer duffel bag was also sitting on the table. And I'm sure you can see that lovely car key on the table with a note attached, saying "Happy Mother's Day From Baby".

Nobody does it better than Baby.

5. Kourtney Kardashian

Seems like the only thing Kourtney got was a bunch of pretty flowers littered here and there in her home. And it came from her new boyfriend, Travis Barker, and not Baby Daddy, Scott Disick.

Barker did good because Kourtney is not the mother of his kids but he still showed her some appreciation because she is a mom. Now that is a sensible young lad right there.

The men did really good this year and they deserve something special in return.

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