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5 Reasons Why 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search May Outshine Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

Gulder Ultimate Search has made a return to television screens after a period of six years, they went on break and it's been buzzing all over the internet. Here are 5 reasons, why the show may outshine the Big Brother Naija show;

1, FRESH: The Gulder Ultimate Search is coming back after 6 years, with a total different packaging. It will definitely be new and fresh in the eyes of the viewers, couple with the claims making round that, majority of the viewers are already tired and bored of the Big Brother Naija show.

2, TOURISM: Tourism in Nigeria centers largely on events, due to the country's ample amount of ethnic groups, it also includes the beauty of rain forest, savannah, waterfalls etc. Tourism puts a Nation on the map and showcases its beauty to Africa and the world at large. Recall, Gulder Ultimate Search is held in the forest, which is good for the country, in regards to tourism, unlike BBNaija, where the housemates camp in one house for three months, 

3, WORK RATE: Work rate is generally defined by the distance covered by a person during an activity (e.g football, running). Gulder Ultimate Search brings out the workrate of its contestants, because they are forced walk long distance, run and swim without mobility in other to survive or win a task, unlike BBNaija contestants, who only sits around the house and enjoy themselves.

4, REALISM: Gulder Ultimate Search brings out the realness of a contestant because of how the show has been structured. There is no way a person can be fake or pretentious, unlike BBNaija where some of the contestants, are afraid to showcase their real selves, because they are afraid of fans reactions and toxicity.

5, SURVIVAL: Gulder Ultimate Search is basically all about survival and hustle. Unlike Big Brother Naija housemates, who sleep in comfortable mattresses under the air-conditioner, Gulder Ultimate Search contestants, sleep in the forest, on wooden mattresses, which they will have to construct by themselves.

However, the ultimate goal of both shows, is to entertain its viewers. Gulder Ultimate Search is due to start in October and the organisers are expected to create a better and more interesting content. Also, there is need for them, to put in the right measures to create an entertaining experience for both the audience and the participants.

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