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Actor Charles Okocha's reaction to the man spotted with his daughter justifiable but not commendable

It was reported yesterday that popular Nollywood and comic actor, Charles Okocha who is professionally known as Igwe Tupac was spotted displaying on the street after seeing his teenage daughter in his friend's car after receiving the information from a reliable source which prompted him to take swift action.

According to the viral video, his daughter was spotted sitting at the front seat with the alleged man who was claimed to be his friend as he took her out for a date.

Upon sighting his daughter, he became very furious as he dragged her out and escorted her into his own car parked at the other side before reaching out for the guy to drag him out of his car for physical combat.

However, the alleged friend of his avoided such scenario by running away from him before reaching for a spade which he used to hit the windscreen repeatedly until it got broken and damaged.

This video has ever since attracted mixed reactions from social media users as some praised him for his action while some condemned him.

To the best of my knowledge, it is observed that the claimed girl involved in this matter is a teenager and a secondary school student at that, so even if at all he want to take her out it must be with the consent and approval of the parents if truly there is no strings attached.

As a caring father who is ever willing and ready to protect her daughter as it is obvious with some of the videos posted on his verified Instagram handle professing his love for his two kids, his action to attack the man is justifiable but however unreasonable.

The more reason why I chose to say it's unreasonable is that, this is modern world where we don't need to take laws into our hands rather we should lodge complains to the appropriate quarter probably the law enforcement agent who will follow due protocol, and take up the case with him knowing fully well that what the so called friend did was outrightly wrong and condemnable.

This then draws the conclusion that instead of constituting nuisance in public with an open disgrace, he should have just taken evidence to be used against him in the court of law which could have been a better option compared to the whole scenario that popped up.

This is then again a better platform to raise alarm and say no to child abuse of our young ladies, because she is fully grown up does not erased the fact that she is still underage and she deserves to be treated with every dignity.

Some of the screenshots from the video are seen below:

Please do share your opinions on this reaction as every hand must be on desk to kick against such illicit act that is becoming so rampant among our young men.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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