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Photos Of Naya Rivera Showing Signs Of Her Own Death, Fans Weigh In

Still on Naya Rivera's death, lots of tributes have been written in honour of her, including her Glee cast mates, her fans and so many celebrities.

One striking fact about the late actress is that before her untimely death, she loved the ocean.

She enjoyed taking a swim in places with water like the pool, oceanside and lakes, as well as sailing on water boats.

The more reason why her fans are voicing out their suspicions about the nature of her death.

An Instagram photo of Naya in a filled bathtub was captioned, "gravity keeps pulling me under, but the urge to breathe helps me stay afloat".

Ironically, that was exactly how the Glee star died in the next few months after the post.

Another photo of her in water had the caption, "I'd rather be here".

Fans of the star have been fitting the pieces together and are alleging that she may have prophesied her own ending.

Personally, I think Naya felt more at peace laying around water than anywhere else, one could see that in her photos.

But the most startling detail about her death was her trending tribute to a late Glee cast mate, Cory Monteith, in the fifth season of the musical drama. A song titled 'If I Die Young'. 

At the end of the touching rendition the actress wept bitterly.

Now fans are linking the title of the song and her emotional delivery of it to her own demise.

While I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and while I know that people die everyday under different circumstances, Naya's last days had many cryptic messages that are more interpretable after her passing.

If you believe in foretelling the future, it seems like she had a premonition about what was to come.

And if you say it's just a coincidence, then it's one hell of a coincidence considering all the signs she left us with that manifested.

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