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"How can you call her by her name, she isn't your mate" Destiny Etiko blasted for calling Genevieve.

Sometimes, what people understand as respect actually confuses me because people see respect from their own points and what they consider respect.

In some places in our Society, if a young man does not call his elder one auntie or brother, it sounds like the younger one is disrespectful but it is based on understanding because even the person that you are referring to may not understand it that way or call it insulting.

People relate to each other based on their relationship. Some people keep a very strict relationship that flexibility becomes a threat thereby expecting everybody to call them by title. Some people actually feel embarrassed when you add some of these titles to their names like some people feel so embarrassed when you call them brother or auntie. People know what respect mean to them individually and there is no Collective way or generally acceptable way for respect, it is based on who is respected and who is respecting.

See the comment section of the Nigerian Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji that is nearly causing trouble between her fans and actress Destiny Etiko. Just because Destiny Etiko called Genevieve by her name as she was commenting on her post, people started tackling her as to why she should address Genevieve in such manner that she should know that Genevieve is older than her in the industry and deserves that respect from her. see Genevieve's post, comments and the response below.

Do you think such comments is as a result of lack of respect? Drop your comments below and let's hear your opinion. Thanks for reading and remember to follow for more updates.

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