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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor Chris To Men: "Your Woman Is Not Your Slave, God Is Against You Beating Her"

You married her you didn't buy her. You married her you didn't purchased her and she's no slave. A woman can get mad and there is nothing you can do about it. If you touch her, God is against you. Your family and her family will be against you, so relax and keep cool. A woman said one time, "I'm afraid of him" I asked her why? And it's because he beat her. For a man to beat his wife is regrettable, it's a shamful. No matter what she's done, pounding her up is a shame, no matter what's she's done. There is more civilized way of treating her, beating her can never be an option neither in this world or in the world to come. When a man is boasting, bragging to his wife, shaking and vibrating. She's your wife not your househelp not your cook, not your caretaker.

It's wrong to treat your wife that way. When a man is beating his wife, such a man is a disgrace. Who do you think you are? See, that's why I say, lady treat yourself good, don't wait for him before you have good clothes on. He has respect for other ladies he sees outside, then when he comes to you and because you don't take care of yourself and look unkempt, then he can afford to talk to you the way he like. Some men hide their bank books from their wife because they don't want her to know how much they've got. Meanwhile, the little fellow behind the counter in the bank knows. So, what are you trying to hide? If there is anybody who ought to know, it's your wife. 

Though sometimes there are some ladies that can buy anything their eyes sees, so the man is scared and he doesn't want them to know. So, it's better for him to hide it but I don't think that's an answer. Talk to your wife and be honest because she'll be happy to know that you trust her enough to tell her how much you've got. A lot of times, your wife who you think is a housewife without brain is wiser than probably you. Maybe she's a better manager than yourself, try and let her help you. You'll be amazed what you will become. A good woman will always help a man become better than he ever was, and greater than he would have ever been.

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