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15 Of the best most Influential photos ever taken

From historians to Archeaologist, some of the most influential and groud-braking pictures have been taken, and the Famous time Magazine have released about 100 list of some of those pictures, here are the top fifteen of those pictures that are worth seeing.

Some of these pictures changed the course of some people's mind all over the world. From War to Space and to Entertainment, some of this pictures could put ba smile on your face while some could make your really sad or depressed. Here are the top 15 most influential pictures below. It may shock you that even a Nigerian seems to be part of it.

1. The Terror of war, Nick Ut, 1972.

2. The burning Monk, Malcolm Browne, 1963.

3. A Starving Child and Vulture, Kelvin Carter,1993.

4. Lunch Atop a skyscraper,1932.

5. Falling Man, Richard Drew, 2001.

6. Alan Kurdi Nilüfer Numir, 2015.

7. Earthrise, William Anders, NASA, 1968.

8. Fire Escape Collapse, Stanley Forman,1975.

9. Albino Boy, Biafra, Don Mcculin, 1969.

10. Oscars Selfies, Bradley Cooper, 2014.

11. Pillars of Creation, NASA,1995.

12. A Man on the Moon, Niel Armstrong, NASA,1969.

13. A Jewish Boy, Surrenders in Warsaw,1943.

14. The Heddienburg Disaster, Sam Shere,1937.

15. Dalí Atomicus, Philipe Halsman, 1948.

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