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I brought my "STEP FATHER" to my house after I got married, one month later, this happened [FICTION]

It was indeed an unbelievable experience for me when I brought my step father to my house, just after I got married to the love of my life, then after one month, something happened. I'm being called Nene, and as usual, I was a girl with a difference, loved and respected among all my peers, and was such an extremely social type.

It all started when I brought in my step father into my marital home, but before then I had always anticipated marrying my love of my life whose name is Emmanuel, my mother was married to another man, and I was set to marry my own lover. However, after I got married, I decided to invite my step father to come and stay with us because we loved each other as a family, as there was no hatred amongst us. However, he was delighted, and my husband agreed to come let him stay with us, my step father came during the weekend, and it was a thing of joy to everyone, as we cooked the best delicacies, joked together, all between my husband, my step father and myself. It indeed was memorable one.

However, things weren't all that easy for us, as we struggled to take care of each other, even with my step father, it was tough, soon, I could barely eat three square meals, as my step father had no job, however my step father always said he was praying for us, and he had reasons why he came to stay with us, soon, after one month passed by, I got a good job, my career job, and my husband started his company after his previous work paid off the debt he was owed. In one month, we started building our personal house, and one night my step father called me saying God has answered his prayer, and he came to stay with us to ensure we are living well, I hugged him tight, as he said he would be leaving.

Furthermore, my step father showed us love, and in return, I gave him a capital to start a business, as I learnt a strong lesson that love indeed is a powerful force to reckon with, no matter the relationship may be as even that he was my step father, we loved each other like a family, which paid for me as after one month I brought my step father, my life changed for good. Let love lead. What's your opinion towards this beautiful act, put your thoughts in the comment section below and share to others

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Emmanuel Nene


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