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Between Cardi B And Tonto Dikeh, Who Is More Beautiful Without Makeup? (Photos)

Natural Beauty is one of the criteria for looking more attractive in public because most men love ladies without makeup. Now as a lady can you do without makeup? This particular question have been asked by some people and according to some replies, it was discovered that most women can't do without makeup.

Do you think that Tonto dikeh is more beautiful than Cardi b? Well, Cardi b might be more beautiful than her when she applies makeup on her face. But sincerely speaking Tonto Dikeh looks more beautiful than Cardi b without makeup and you really need to see this.

We all know that makeup is mostly applied by the females and most of our celebrities can't do without makeup because it makes them beautiful everyday.

Cardi b and Tonto Dikeh are from different countries and regions both of these female celebrities have different styles of fashion and makeup. Both of these female celebrities have different careers and different types of work that they do for a living, they are also not age mates.

Cardi B's Photos Without Makeup; Cardi B is a popular American rapper who have really shown her best to her fans with her songs. Cardi b is always known for her amazing fashion and makeups that she applies on her face.

But there have been some situations where she had to take photos without makeups and she looks pretty.

Cardi b might look old without makeup but she is actually 28 years old and was born in the year 11 October 1992. She also looks more beautiful when she's on makeup.

Tonto Dike's Photos Without Makeup; Tonto Dikeh's beauty is another thing entirely because she is very pretty and most people love her for her glowing skin. Even without makeup, this popular nigerian actress still shine and glows perfectly in public.

Tonto Dikeh is proudly 35 years old and she is still looking more beautiful and attractive even without makeup on her face, this is to show you that some nigerian women are indeed beautiful.

It has been revealed to you that Tonto Dikeh is even older than Cardi b but her beauty is extraordinary.

Now who do you think is more beautiful between Cardi b and Tonto Dikeh? As a man, can you also marry a woman who applies makeup all the time?

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