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8 Biggest Movie Mistakes Ever Made

8 Biggest Movie Mistakes Ever Made

Movies, they are a world which transport us to fantasy.

A world where suspension of belief is primary. It is an escape route from our regular life.

No matter what fun the OTT platforms have to offer, nothing comes close to the joy of watching a movie on the big screen.

Unsurprisingly, production houses like DC and Marvel cater to a wide audience. They design their movies as big ticket extravaganza which is meant to be seen on the big screen.

The superhero movies, their franchise, their spinoffs everything has its larger than life following.

All these movies and fictional characters have a tremendous fan following.

The legions of fans not just celebrate but even point out logical and continual mistakes in the movie.

This leads to fun discussions on plenty of forums and blogs.

Today, we would list out certain movies, which failed to cover up for these errors they made in them.

Do, let us know, what do you think of this list.

Thor Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth as Thor is worth the price of the ticket itself.

This movie apart from being high on action, relied on dry humour and wit to carry the proceedings forward.

We happen to notice a scene, where Thor strikes Loki towards a group of guards and those guards were dragged along without being actually hit.

Rogue One

The weather during Galen's encounter with the Empire is pitch perfect.

As Galen approaches them, the wind gathers momentum. Although, it never turns in to a full on storm, but it does get pretty strong.

It perfectly syncs with the tension of the moment. The only thing which jars is that speed of the wind is inconsistent.

As Krennic and his men line up in front of Galen, the wind is blowing in full force.

Krennic's white cape blows away.

But cut to the camera closing in on Krennic's face, the wind is simply gone.

Then it zooms out and as he orders his troops to search the house, it's back again.

Wind does come and go, but not as if at the press of a button.

Spider-man: Homecoming

When the Ferry was split in half, a large amount of water had already made its way into the lower half of the ship, meaning that the ship was about to sink.

Fortunately, the day was saved when Iron Man showed up and welded the ship back together! That should've fixed everything, right?

Even if Iron Man weld every part of the ship back together (considering he was only shown fixing the top half, which would've anyways done nothing), the amount of water that the Ferry took in would have been too much for the ship to handle.

In fact, Iron Man putting the ship together would've ultimately doomed the ship, keeping the water that found its way in from finding its way out.

Like any boat, if too much water finds its way into the Staten Island Ferry, it will not stay afloat.

Quantum of Solace

The Bond who made us fall in love all over again with his terrific portrayal.

But even this movie had its fair share of glitch, as an extra was seen sweeping the fleeting air at the Haitian airport were it clearly showed in the background.


A refreshing departure from the Marvel factory was Ant-Man

But there is one scene in the movie which we failed to notice was one with the pipes were a person can see that the pipes don't have any writings inside it and the welds are not close together.

Jason Bourne

A movie which changed the way people looked at spy thrillers, this series was certainly a trend setter.

There is a scene in this movie where everything looks repetitive, like the one where bourne's dodger charger is being damaged but it recovers quickly and in the next scene you will see that car is being chased which makes all the car shoot up in the air every time.

Wonder Woman

A superwoman movie was something we were all waiting for and boy, Gal Gadot was something else.

In a particular scene in this movie, there is a werid logic where the main actor Steves comes out of the bathroom hanging on with his towel but when the scene shifts to Gal Gadots face one can hear the zipper sound like he is wearing pants.

Fate of The Furious

This is certainly a movie where logic cant be questioned, but this scene took it really too far.

This highly implausible scene where Vin diesel tries to balance the car with his speed limit and also maintains the control of car all along as it slides across the snow.

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