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Talent and Skills Development

Many people don't really know their talents or they haven't even discover their talents. We are in the world were talent is the order of the day. Many people have discovered their talents but they are shy to develop it due to some reason.

Before we move on, What is talent? Talent is a natural gift you posses given by God, while skill is what you acquire through training. Some people have the talent of singing while to some singing is a skill, cause they learnt how to sing. Almost every human is born with a talent, but not every one has actually discovered or use them. We have seen alot of people that their talent has really helped them and has placed them in high places in life.

Here are some list of talents:

Singing: We all know alot of popular musicians in the world. Singing is a talent while it's also a skill. We have some people that have good voice naturally while some attend voice trainings, taking some medicine just to have a good voice(that's the difference between Talent and Skill). Musicians like Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, Drake, Beyonce etc discovered their talents and it has make way for them in life. They are so many people who have the singing talent but are shy to come out and show the world their talents, who knows if that's what will bring them to spotlight.

Acting: Acting is also a talent ands a skill. we have people who are naturally endowed with acting and we have those that go to school to study it. Alot of people have made it through acting in their various industries like Odunlade Adekola(Yoruba Actor),Regina Daniel, The Rock, Will Smith etc these people made it through their talent.

Writing: Alot of people have the gift of writing essays, articles, story, novice, newspaper publications e.t.c. We have people that has made it through writing, like the great Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Sefi Atta, Femi Osofisan, Wiliams Shakespare , Robert Kiyosaki etc. This people made impact on the world through their writing.

We have various ways in which you can discover your talent, first of it is that you must learn to overcome fear and shyness. Once you are able to overcome this two things then you are good to go. Other ways includes:

1. Discover Yourself: Before you can develop your talent, you must first discover yourself. Know what you can do and what you can't do, know what you are good at and what you are not good at. It's after you've done this that you will fully know your talent.

2. Identify your talent: After knowing what you are good at, the next step is to identify your talent. Note, it's not everything you are good at that doing that is your talent, for example you can be good at sweeping but sweeping is not a talent.

3. Do research on that talent : After identifying your talent, you do research on it, what is it all about, read about people that has been successful in that area and also watch videos of people using that particular talent. Always remember you are not a local champion and you are also competing with the outside world so you have to do proper research on the talent. For example if your talent is football, you have to know what football is, the do and don'ts, lifestyles of legends, follow the trend etc.

4.Showcase Your self to the world: Go for competitions relating to your talent and also attend talent hunts. Social media has been of great help in developing talents, many artists were signed through social media. Upload a video of your talent on social media and tag people that can be of help to you with. Examples of social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

Note: No one knows everything, if u want to grow u have to be open to learning from other people. Every talent requires training in order to be perfect just as Gold has to pass through fire for it to be in it final state.

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