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Dark memes and some with endings you don't see coming.

The title has said what should be said in the beginning.

1. Hmm, yes, I see. But why, pray tell, would you do that?

2. I'm not sure how this makes me feel. One one hand, I guess they are good parents, kinda but on the other, what's so wrong about a full grown dog?

3. He was right. There wasn't enough food on the table.

4. That's one way to teach your kid to always tie his shoes. Perhaps Miles Morales should take a lesson from here.

5. This is also a very ingenious hack. I'm sure everyone was just rushing to give the good dtiver that had his turn signal on, space.

6. ... Dude, perhaps you should have just returned the burger.

7. OK, the toilet fairy. Got it.

8. I don't think that's how getting a puppy works...

9. "Uhh... Do you want it?"

10. Kid: *Keeps trying to understand even after his dad walks away*

11. A round of applause for him, ladies and gents. We need more people with his considerate soul in the world.

12. "Yes we are. Bye now. "

13. That's crazy. Happens to me too. Damn gravity.

14. Survival of the fittest. Sorry human, they loved you but it was them or you. No hard feelings.

15. Uh, not your house anymore. The tag says it's buddy's now.

16. The dreaded door. The final and most challenging obstacles in the fight against germs.

17. Now that I think about it, it's true. They're the victims here. We just dragged them into this.

18. Like the Doctor said, "snitches get stitches." I wonder if that's what the Fratelii brothers said before they busted him up.

19. If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid.

20. Well that turned dark pretty quickly.

21. I hope the body's imaginary too.

22. I think you might have, doggy.

23. 🎼 "It's the wheel of medicine!" 🎤

24. I... There are no words.

Except maybe "What? That's sick. That also may not be what your friend had in mind!"

So here they are. Twenty four pictures of the unexpected. Bet you didn't expect them.

Stay safe!

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Miles Morales


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