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More Followers, More Clicks. See how you can Increase your Followers

Opera news writers no doubt, are constantly hoping that their published articles, get as many clicks as possible, as that is how they get paid for the services they render. Hence, in order to get a lot of clicks, a writer must know that those who click his/her articles, are those who can see the article- more audience, more clicks. These people who can see the articles are called 'Reach' by Opera.

However, there is another set of people called the 'Followers'. These are those who find you a good writer and would like to read your articles. They are most likely to see and read all your articles, but you must know that a person can only read articles that he finds captivating and/or interesting. For example, most of whom would read this very article, are news hub creators who would want to increase their followers. Now that is what we call 'Target audience'.

Knowing fully well that a person only reads articles he finds interesting, you as the writer must write what your audience would want to read, what they would find interesting. That is the secret to getting a lot of followers.

More tips include:

1. Employing the use of attractive graphics and beautiful pictures in your write-ups. This will make your write-ups more attractive and appealing.

2. Using figurative expressions which will impress your readers, to enrich your articles.

3. Writing credible and reliable articles.

4. Try to see that your articles have a touch of entertainment.

5. Share your articles on social media platforms.

These are my own ideas on how to get more followers. Ensure that you follow me after reading this article and don't forget to like and leave a comment too, so others can follow you. If you have more ideas, you can equally comment below.

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