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TBoss’ Sister, Ka3na ‘fight’ over Bosslady

On Saturday, BBNaija season 5 Housemate, Ka3na announced that she has trademarked the name “BOSSLADY,” warning that people should be careful how they use that name.

Ka3na described herself on Instagram as the BossLady. She calls her fans, the BossNation.

TBoss’ sister, Ka3na and TBoss

TBoss Idowu, a BBNaija season 2 finalist had already described herself as the BossLady, but perhaps after Ka3na’spost, she changed it to the Original BossLady.

Reacting to the name saga, TBoss’ sister, Goldie has slammed Ka3na for stealing her blood, tears, and sweat.

Goldie said in a video shared on Social Media, “I do not care if Sis [TBoss] uses her name or not, but she killed it in Big Brother. She murdered it and she is known as the official Bosslady.

“Let us even leave the BossLady and go straight to the BossNation, I created that name if you don’t know with my blood, sweat, and tears.

“When your people were still wearing diapers, I was on my Computer day and night voting, talking, and pleading with people to vote TBoss.

“We created the BossNation thing, babygirl or whoever the fvck you think you are.

“First of all, you are not only disrespecting my Sis, but you are also disrespecting my hard work. I put time into this thing nobody ever gave me credit.

“Real bosses create their names, they create their feelings, a vibe, so you cannot just get up and say this one fits me, I am going to take it.

“Bubu no, it does not work that way. You got to earn this thing, and you have not earned the right to call yourself boss-lady or boss-nation.

“Real Bosses don’t steal from another woman. I know most will disagree with me because hey it’s the way in Nigeria. But wrong is wrong on any day.

“You don’t have to like me to smell the bullshvt. I know how much I put in to keep that name going. Taking photos does not give anyone the right to claim what is not theirs PERIOD.”

Content created and supplied by: Ayoblog (via Opera News )

BBNaija Bosslady Ka3na Original BossLady TBoss


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