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Meet the man who hasn't slept in over 48 years

The man you are about to get acquainted with hasn't sleep in 50 years, are you surprised? Read to find out how he was still able to/do it survive.

Thai Ngoc was born in Vietnam in the year 1942. he lives with his dear wife and son in a farm. When he was exactly at the age of 20 years old, his insomnia began. But at that time he was still to sleep at times. About 48 years old ago in 1973 the man had a fever and ever since till now he is awake, which literally means he hasn't sleep. It's been 48 years and he hasn't taken a nap.

Because of the insomnia the man works at night, and his main source of income is from brewing wine. He process about 5 liters of alcohol a day, which enables him to make about $1.2 per day. The man has refused 1000s from TV channels, who wants to stay with him and film his daily life. And his reason for that was he ''did not like'' it.

Another mesmerizing fact is that he was also offered free insomnia treatment, but he didn't think that it needed a cure. In 2016 when asked about his insomnia he replied he is beginning to feel ''like a plant without water''.

How long can you go without a sleep? Let us know in the comments.

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