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It Is Not Only Wealth That Is Vanity, Poverty Is Also Vanity - Reno Omokri

It's shockingly surprising how some people think in a myopic way. Especially the broke poor people who don't see anything good in having wealth because of the poor mentality they have stayed with over decades. Once someone rich dies and leaves his wealth, you definitely at some point hear some people say "vanity upon vanity" as if wealth is a sin. However, Reno Omokri who shared this on his official Twitter handle has said " Poverty is also vanity" and not wealth alone.

The majority of people who talk about such things capturing wealth as vanity are usually poor, and when they see a wealthy person does they justify their poverty mind, by saying wealth is vanity. Reno Omokri sharing light on the topic has said wealth and poverty are both vain, and for this reason, none of them can save a man.

He, however, expressed that he would prefer a wealth vanity to a poverty vanity even though noting that both are vain or vanity. This is simply enlightening as many things that if you are poor you are more holy and therefore would go to heaven. That's not the case with being wealthy or poor. They are both vain and Reno Omokri has helped us to understand it better.

Here is the full read of Reno Omokri tweets and the screenshots and mixed reactions "When a rich man dies and leaves his wealth some people say ‘vanity upon vanity’ as if wealth is a sin. It is not only wealth that is vanity. Poverty is also vanity. They are both vain because none of them can save you. But I prefer a wealth vanity"

Many of the Twitter users who commented on Reno Omokri post agrees with him and some said that you should choose your vanity. In my opinion, I agreed with Reno Omokri who has educated us that both are vanity, but I would prefer wealth vanity, but being wealthy or poor isn't a sin in anyone but certainly are both vanities.

From the tweet shared by Reno Omokri, do you agree with his ideology regarding poverty and vanity? What will be your opinion on this and what will you choose as your vanity since both are vain?

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