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3 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Buju's Current Situation

Buju is a Nigerian artist who is currently in trouble even though he doesn't realize it yet, his tweets from 2015 and 2016, where he was severely criticizing Nigeria's top artists, were discovered recently, and this has gotten a lot of backlash from fans who condemn the way he criticized top musicians who were still upcoming at the time. These are some of the tweets. CREDIT: INSTABLOG

The problem is that he is yet to drop a formal apology, even after knowing fully well that his criticism was destructive rather than constructive, he really insulted many musicians back then, there are important things to learn from his situation. They are;

1. Don't give people destructive criticism: If you have something negative to say about somebody that can't be fixed easily then you should keep quiet because everybody is trying to make a name for themselves, everybody has challenges, we should all try to help ourselves, if you're engaging in criticism, then tell people how they can be better instead of insulting them because they haven't gotten very good at what they do, or just because you don't like them personally.

2. Be good to everybody because you can never tell how life will turn out: Obviously you can tell by Buju's tweets that he never thought that he would do music, if not he wouldn't have insulted music artists in that way, as an upcoming musician himself, he might need the help of the giants in the industry to help boost his career, but now we discover that he had already burned those bridges before he even crossed them.

3. Don't be too proud in life, accept it when you've been wrong and apologize: Buju does not even seem remorseful, he did not even make a formal apology to the artists and the fans for what he posted in the past, if he had then maybe the fans would have forgiven him, but now, it's probable that a lot of people won't listen to his music anymore because of his pride, his career might must likely take a downward slope.

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