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Do You Lack Posture During a Photoshoot? Learn These Pose.

Picture taking has become a very wonderful experience for many youths. We take pictures of ourselves for memories, fun and some others do it just because they have to.

It has become much fun for females especially Nigerians. We get to see so many postures during their photo session and it has become a thing of competition among the ladies especially during their birthdays.

Photos are supposed to be beautiful because with them you can get connected and become either a model or an advertiser on social media which can generate a lot of money for you.

When your photos are really beautiful and captivating, you get so many likes and comments on them, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever social media app you enjoy using.

Pictures can only be beautiful when your postures are lit and properly angled.

Below are sensational photo postures you can use to slay for your birthdays and day to day activities.


Take pictures of yourself sitting on a rocky staircase with your left leg slightly bent, your left hand covering your part, and your right hand on top of your leg.

The staircase should be blurred for your face to be properly captured.

Pictures can also be taken on a bridge close to whatever is used to prevent people from falling over.

Your backside and both hands should firmly rest on the support with your upper part of your body slightly bent which brings out the feminine qualities in you.


Pictures taking with the person being captured sitting on the ground is beautiful and natural.

You can take pictures with your right hand over your head and your legs crossed.

While taking such photos do well to wear tracks and trousers so as not to reveal some parts you don't want to be seen by others.


This is a beautiful outdoor photo. You also can be taken with your two hands on your head and your hips to the left which brings out the curves of your body.


Outdoor photos can also be taken on a face with one leg down and another on the fence with your face slightly bent which brings out the beauty of it.


Pictures are taken close to the stream to express naturalism. You should stand upright, the side of your body visible to the camera and your knee just bent forward. Your two hands should be in front of your lap.


If you really want to please your viewers then this is the right posture to make but this kind of picture can only be done by yourself (selfies).


This is another captivating posture. Stay close to a wall with your eyes looking down, your right leg slightly bent and your left leg straight. Use your hands to fiddle with your hair to show your confidence.


A posture that shows a side of your body. Your left hand should be behind your right hand should fiddle with your hair, your legs should be properly angled to make the shot great.


A very nice sitting posture although black and white. Sit with your body backing the camera at an angle with your face looking straight at the camera. Any clothing will just do for this kind of shot.


A close-range shot brings out your beauty as a lady. Your eyes down and your hands holding your hair. Such a posture can also be done while standing or sitting.


A sitting posture with your back against the wall and your legs raised up a little, you're right-hand close to your face and the camera at an angle that captures your body.


If you're a lover of indoor photos then you can take this up. Stay close to a cushion with your legs overlapping and your hands supporting your neck.


If you like very simple shots then you can use this kind of posture during a photoshoot. Gently resting on a wall with the camera capturing your full body.


A squatting posture with your hands on your face and the left hand supporting you, although this posture might be a little bit stressful it is wonderful for viewers.


Freestyling during photo shot is needed also. If you want to show the world how excited you are about what you do then this is the real posture for the moment.


18. A squatting posture which shows the side of your body. It brings out your shape even from the look of it that is if you want to give your viewers a lot to talk about.

If you want to get asked a lot of questions about your photo then you can strike such a pose as viewers would ask what your thoughts are.


Freestyle with your right leg slightly bent and your left leg straight. Your right hand on your lap and your left hand free, your hair should be properly placed to show your face.


A very simple but beautiful posture for you to strike. Such postures can be done to make the camera capture your face to show your beauty.

Having learned all these postures, your photo session would be influenced by them and you might probably be the next thing people would talk about on your wall.

Content created and supplied by: Charleslaw (via Opera News )



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