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Funny Warri Proverbs By Erigga

Once them know say you no stupid, them go say you be sense kolo…… world people!

Na person wey never see problem dey use English pray

When man no get money, even e simple and correct English no dey correct for woman ear

Na determination dey make okada over take trailer.

You when dey say everything for Nigeria na fake, you don taste our rat poison before

E dey clear pimples, e dey clear pimples, na so bleaching take start.

Na wetin prophet see make them call am prophecy.

Who naked no dey chuck hand for pocket 

As you dey old, you go understand why your uncle no dey pick your calls.

It’s a small world! No mean say you fit trek from naija go London.

Brokeness go make you think say everything na scam.

Feel at home! Feel at home! Na e dey make visitor spoil remote control.

Make I chop this guy money! Make I chop this guy money! Na so Ashawo take start. 

Remember back then you were kid and you thought your 25years old unemployed cousin wasn’t serious with life, well look at you now.

My brother trust no dey, if trust dey, water for no dey cook fish

If the babe no dm you back bros, just know say she don view your picture tell herself, No! No! No! No! this one no follow.

Goat wey follow lion go catch fish, make e know say weda dem catch fish or not, lion food don set.

Get patient! Get patient! Na so thing take pass my guy.

No food for lazy man nor be for the person wey him mama get restaurant.

Upcoming artist no be insult oh…. Enjoy the process even Jay Z na upcoming artist that year.

Pastor wey dey pray for mad man no dey close eye.

I know book, I know book, na him make you dey say merit, instead of advantage.

Last, last, na woman when get her own money dey be feminist.

Who dey hold landlord rentage no dey fry stew wey curry dey.

Say lion dey sick, no mean say him with cat na mate.

Girl wey no get money, na small thing dey quick vex am.

E go beta, e go beta, na e make carmel still dey call load.

Cars without tinted glass be like moving aquarium

Fish wen scatter for soup still dey inside soup.

The hustle na for mama, the sleepless night na for mama, small money enter, na Onome you camp for hotel for 3 months and you never reach house since.

Na waytin you read for school, nai e you take dey chop

Pikin wen wan chop party rice no suppose to fear dance. 

I no go add this 2020 join my age at all, even God know say I no too use am.

Say cat sabi swim no make am catfish.

So una no wan break Solomon record for bible, as una cute reach come get money join. Una dey fear

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