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Young Man Seeks Advise After Finding Out His Girlfriend Uses Spiritual Oil On Him

(Photo used for reference purpose only)

A young Nigerian man is seeking the advise of netizens after he discovered that his partner uses fetish means to gain his love and support.

The gentleman shared his plight with a Twitter user saying that he’d had suspicions that his lover was using spiritual means to gain his affection and he finally confirmed it after seeing her chat with the person who sells the fetish items she uses.

He went on to reveal that despite finding out about his partner’s diabolical ways, he still is in love with her and wonders what his next move should be.

Here’s screenshots of the conversation he had with the Twitter user who shared it on their platform,

The gentleman’s plight has since caused a stir on the microblogging platform, as people are convinced that the lady’s “Jazz” is quite strong that even after he found out about her diabolical ways, he still says he has much love for her.

What’s your take?

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David Iguwe: The love was normal, only she needed extra, the man should run away, she wan relocate leave u.

If A Woman Wants To Take A Revenge About How She Had Been Hurt Even The Devil Would Sit Down And Learn Wickedness From Her 😉.

Lemme Comman Be Going Before They Will Say I Too Day Talk Too Much.

Julia Nnenna: It’s the oil that makes you feel you love her. You saw something like this, and you are still asking childish question.

If you mistakenly marry her and the marriage scatter, you will be blaming the devil. You need deliverance. After deliverance, your senses will come back.

Better forget about that love now, seek for deliverance from God, and you will be surprised that you don’t have an atom of love for her.

John Emeka: If you forgot your parent to help her that means the oil worked on u but if your parent are doing well then u just did it for love.

She’s relocating her feelings and everything. It’s a obvious you are not in the picture.

I advice you to relocate your feelings too and all your investment on her.

Or empty the bottle and refill it with groundnut oil.

Onyinyechi Gift: But according to Nollywood movies, once u set you eyes on d charm your brain will go back to factory setting instantly.

But in your own case you still admit that you love her, that shows the charm is fake

Happy Ndumele: Them don use kaymata on this guy, so he is loving the girl like mad even as he don see wetin dey use on him, you need serious slap, so that the love go clear from your eyes.

Buban Yahaya: How can we advise u when are under spell,the worse thing is that u even discovered that she is using spiritual oil and u still no recover? Hmmm this charm really strong oooo!

Harmony Sammy: Chia Edo girls. Wetin outside country no go make us do.

Oga just use the oil cook noodles for her then u pour anointing oil for the container.

Ammie Clement: Nnaa e still hold you ooo.

Omo girls no dey smile at all especially those on mission thereby making guys to label us de innocent ones scammers as well. It is well oh.

Prince Ade: U love her so much because of the oil she use on u na, open ur eyes, and run away from her, tell ur people to come and hold her nack, she will confess.

Deborah Yaki: It is normal to say u love her truly till now because u loved approach her before she used the jazz according to you.

Then she used jazz for ha gain u find out.

Now after u find out u still love her how.

In Nigeria we don’t do this.

U need deliverance it OK for u too feel hurt but she doesn’t love you man go for deliverance love is not always enough.

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