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Not all movies should be shown at the cinemas –Genny Uzoma

Actress and filmmaker Genny Uzoma lamented at the rate Nigerian films are being shown in cinemas. According to her, not all movies should be shown in cinemas. I am in the film business, so I understand the feelings of filmmakers. No one will crumble when making a movie, but sometimes it is used for some reasons (such as sound, lighting, storyline, or performance).

If that is the case, other platforms can promote and distribute our movies. We should not turn cinemas into playthings or jokes, but to keep viewers or reviewers insulting our films. These things should be studied by film producers and film distributors. On the other hand, we are also making progress, and I know we will achieve it, although politics will always play a role.

Regarding how she avoided controversy, Uzoma said: I would not say that I have the cleanest state. I don't think I will be loud thereby, so I won't draw too much attention to myself. However, this may not be a good idea in the entertainment industry, because people grow up amidst controversy. It also needs attention to get ahead in the entertainment industry. This is why it is said that "all publicity is good". Although this is tricky, you need to find a balance around it.

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