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Fiction: My Husband Tried To Kill Me But My Family Wants Me To Give Him A Chance – What Should I Do?

Jacklyn who got married in 2018 and currently has a daughter who is 2 years old. Since she got married to her husband, there have always been fights each other and it has caused a lot of trouble to the house. She narrated;

I’m a married woman with a 2-year-old daughter who manages to put a smile on my face whenever I have fights with my husband. From our engagement till now, my husband and I have been fighting over small things, things that could have been ignored, but he prefers to fight over them.

Since we became a couple, he has been beating me and his anger is increasing day by day. In fact, I can’t calm him down, no matter what I do.

Last year, his father came to live with us and during his stay, he hurt me physically by throwing a glass of water at me. But our family members and I compromised and gave another chance to our relationship.

We had a fight just a few days back and he grabbed my neck very hard. It felt like I was about to die and this happened in front of our daughter.

Somehow, I was rescued by his own friend who came to the house during the incident. I had no option but to run away and live with my parents together with my daughter.

Even though all this is going on, my family members are asking me to give him one more chance after he came to apologize. But I really don’t want this relationship and marriage anymore.

But on the other hand, I am still worried about my daughter and wonder what I should do. Nowadays, I sometimes think about suicide, however, can’t do it.

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