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3 Hollywood Movies That Are Worth Watching this weekend

It is the weekend again, and most people use today to enjoy themselves and have fun, and watching movie is a great way of spending your weekend.

checkout these interesting movies that will surely keep you busy this weekend.

1. Sentinelle

This movie is about a female soldier and her team that were sent on a top secret mission, she received a bad intel and she lost her whole team in the process, as a punishment she was kicked out of the army and went home to her sister.

The story started when her sister went to a club and she was attacked and raped, which made her fall into a comma.

In the movie she tried to find out what really happened to her sister.

2. The old guard.

These movie is about some group of soldiers that are immortal, and they tried to find people like them in the world. This is a most watch movie as it is filled with suspense.

3. The Doorman

The storyline is about a well decorated female soldier saddle with the responsibility of taking Care of a top government official, during the course of the movie their convoy was attacked leading to the death of the people she was suppose to protect.

She later came home to her niece only to discovered that they were in danger because of a painting, she had no other option that to defend her family.

What are your thought? Feel free to drop comments.

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Hollywood Movies That Are Sentinelle


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