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Mercy beats Tacha, Erica and Nengi in an online opinion poll

Indisputably, the Big Brother Naija reality TV show have over the years showcased many multi-talented beauty queens. It is not rare to see argument ensue among fans on the supremacy of one beauty queen over another. These supremacy battle spans across different and wide range of life topics or issues. Like in a recent tweet, the former housemate, Erica, posted that she bought a new house in Abuja, a stunt to trick her fans on 1st April, but instead of even celebrating her, many started commenting that "star girl has now achieved more than others", as if she's still in a competition with other housemates over individual achievement.

In the more recent episodes of the reality TV show, Mercy, Nengi, Tacha and Erica have reigned exceptionally both in beauty and material achievements after the show. They have all featured at events, programs and have gone to be ambassadors for different brands. While representing at events, these former housemates have been seen in stunning appearances at red carpet and the lingering question has been who amongst them is the queen of red carpet?

Erica is known for her simple and elegant outfit. Always trying to keep it decent and that is why she belongs to the Elite class.

If you have seen Tacha on the red carpet then her name will resonate when you think glamour.

It is simply taste and class for Nengi, her outfit on the red carpet is the definition of charming.

Mercy on the red carpet defines flamboyant. Her style is out of this world, something from the fairy tales, astute and perfect beauty.

To settle the scores of red carpet queen, an opinion poll was posted online and the result was in itself stunning. Mercy was too but closely followed by Erica while Tacha and Nengi were at tie. The poll obviously speaks the mind of many fans that all of the former housemates are amazing.

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